15840 FM 529, Suite 255 HOUSTON, TEXAS 77095
832.237.3600 (PHONE) • 832.237.3619 (FAX)



15840 FM 529, SUITE 255, HOUSTON, TEXAS 77095
832.237.3600 (PHONE) • 832.237.3619 (FAX) 


​The Tax Law practice includes transactional tax planning, individual income and estate tax 
planning, tax controversies, planning for tax-exempt entities, public finance/bond transactions and low income housing tax issues.

  • Tax Planning for Start-Up Companies
  • Tax planning for the selection of a business entity
  • Tax planning for corporation issues
  • Development of exit strategies for holders of closely held and publicly traded stock
  • Development of stock option plans, in conjunction with the Employee Benefits Section
  • Tax planning for the disposition of non-qualified stock options 

Individual Income and Estate Tax Planning

Will work closely with individual clients and their accountants and financial advisors on 
individual income tax planning and estate tax planning.

  • Advice and structuring of like-kind exchanges
  • Tax planning for transfers of non-qualified stock options
  • Planning for qualified retirement plan and IRA distributions
  • Tax planning for real estate transactions through partnerships and LLCs
  • Sales of assets to intentionally defective grantor trusts
  • Use of partnerships for succession management purposes
  • Design of exit strategies for owners of both closely held and publicly traded stock

Partnership and LLC Tax Planning and Formation

  • Provides many services in the organization and operation of partnerships and LLCs.
  • Tax planning for transactions involving partnerships and LLCs including distributions of 
  • assets to partners and redemption of partnership interests
  • Formation of family partnerships and LLCs as part of estate planning
  • Use of LLCs as organizational form for start-up companies
  • Organization of LLCs to facilitate investment in real estate

Planning for Tax-Exempt Entities

  • Experience in the formation and management of tax-exempt entities, including 501(c)(3) and large non-profit corporations in such industries as health care, major foundations, community-based ​non-profits and private foundations.
  • Organization of private foundations
  • Organization and planning for charitable remainder trusts
  • Tax advice on IRS audits of non-profit entities.